Aleksandra 8033

Aleksandra 8033
Nome: Aleksandra
Id: 8033
Idade: 32
Data de nascimento: 1988/09/08
Cidade: Zaporozhye
Estado: Divorced
Figura: Slim
Altura: 155
Peso: 49
Cabelo: Dark brown
Olhos: Brown
Fumante: no
Religião: orthodox
Educação: University
Emprego: Teacher of German language
Idiomas: English- bad, German - good
Crianças: Boy 2012
Idade desejada: 30-42
Relacionamento desejado: Marriage
Sobre mim: I am open minded and outgoing lady with likable looks. I also really caring and gentle. I love to do things I never done before and find out something new. What can be better than traveling somewhere? It is always the best way to rise up my mood in a blink. I'm fascinated by the idea of going to a places like Vienna,Venice, Rome or Paris and visit World famous galleries.
If you ask me some day, what would I like to change now in my life, it would be definitely my family status. Now I have everything to be happy and I want to share it with my man. The biggest my dream is full and happy family, where there are only love, understanding and sonorous laughter of children.
Meus hobbies: I like nature walks, walks in the rain and sunsets, traveling to the new places and countries. Due to my incredible imagination and creativity I do handmade for my house and family. My main inspiration is beautiful music: jazz, rock, modern processing of folk music and definitely classical symphonies. I am also fond of reading books of various genres, my choice is usually depends on my mood. It might be classical literature, fiction or contemporary literature.
I prefer devote much time to my family. What can be better then spending time with closest people?)
Procurando por: As you have might considered, I have Germanic origin, probably this fact effects on my classical view of man. A man I imagine is good-looking, attentive and caring. Communication also plays grate importance for me so my man is educated and has good sense of humor. He is gentle, active and he definitely adores children just like I do. My man must be stubborn and firm in living matters, but soft and tender with his woman.
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