Our Happy Couple – Larry & Nadiia Rogers

Letter we received from Nadiia:

“Dear Marina!
From all my heart I would like to thank you and your staff for all your work and care! I believe there are no coincidences, I thank God for everything in my life…Everybody has his/her own way to Happiness, the most important is to believe in oneself! I thank you all for helping me to pass this way, I will never forget it. And I wish all Ladies great Happiness! I wish every woman to find her reliable life partner that will be a loving husband and a good person…That is exactly the kind of person my husband is and I wish him only the best!!! When I joined your Agency, it was hard for me to describe what man I was looking for, the man I wanted to share my life with and now I wish I could describe my husband but it is impossible…Every day we discover new and new things in us, we change ourselves and try to do the best for one another. God gives us strength to love and to be patient sometimes:))
May God bless you!
With respect,
Nadiia Rogers”

Larry & Nadiia Rogers

Our Happy Couple – Ludmila and Andrey from the UK

We are very delighted and happy to share wonderful news! A very beautiful couple has met via our Agency, they kindly agreed to post their story and photos on our Website.
One day Ludmila called us with wonderful news that just several days ago they officially became husband and wife! It was the best news for our team! Since Andrey knew some Russian, they exchanged with contact information and continued to communicate by themselves, so, it was real surprise for us! We congratulate our just married couple and wish them happy life full of love, understanding and mutual respect!

Ludmila and Andrey from the UK